Author Betul56

  • Photography

    I specialize in photography of creative happenings, capturing the spirit of the event.

    Photography is a really important tool to present our websites, fliers, and events. Thanks to social media and internet, now we can all reach larger groups, let people know what had happened, connect to the participants and clients and give them a brief memory of the day.. read more

  • Architecture

    Architecture is my passion and the main reason to do all the things that I can do.

    It is art and science coming together and more then constructing a building. With a wall, a plant or the color you choose, you can communicate with the people who pass by or live in your design. I see my field hand to hand with other disciplines and I like to think it is a work that we create together with
    different stakeholders not only for recent users but also for the future.

    read more

  • Graphical Design

    Graphic design is the creative process in which I combine love of  art and technology to communicate ideas.

    I work with a variety of visual communication tools to connect a client to his audience. Visualizing an idea and identity is a craft in which I can use abstract thinking skills and the power of symbolism and iconography. Fields of expertise are static design for social media, printed media, and web based media. read more