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56SPACES is an Amsterdam based design company owned by Betul Ellialtioglu. Architecture, photography and graphical design are the main domains of the firm.  It is founded in 14 February 2014 and member of Chamber of Commerce Amsterdam. Before 56SPACES, Betul has worked for 10 years in different architectural offices both in Amsterdam NL and Istanbul TR. After she moved to Amsterdam, parallel to her main field, she added photography and graphical design projects  in her portfolio. The name of the company is inspired by the surname of the founder which means “son of 56” in Turkish.

Some of the Clients that 56SPACES worked together with

Hivos  –  De Nationale Denk Tank – Kennisland – Doc20 – The Learning Lab – ModelMinds–  Plan By – Grontmij TR – Mediamatic – Bodies Anonymous

Op alle werkzaamheden van 56SPACES  is de DNR 2011 van toepassing (De Nieuwe Regeling 2011: ‘Rechtsverhouding opdrachtgever – architect, ingenieur en adviseur’). Dit is een standaardregeling voor het afsluiten van overeenkomsten op het gebied van ontwerp, advies en management in de bouw.