Agence LeJournal-Photo Exhibition

exhibition design

Exhibition of Agence le Journal was one of the works in A Day in Park-Mediamatic.

Established in 2012 by Emin Özmen, Agence LeJournal is a network of photojournalists that bears the responsibility to document and storify the tragedies and victories of humanity by witnessing the occasions in the front lines. In the exhibition the photos of Agence LeJournal Özmen’s Gezi pictures were exhibited.  Özmen’s first documentary film “Witnessing Gezi’ which got the multimedia prize from World Press Photo  was shown first time in Europe. For more information: Premiere of Witnessing Gezi




Documentary Premier

Emin Özmen

Layout Plan of the exhibition

exhibition layout plan

witnessing gezi

The poster of the Witnessing Gezi by Emin Ozmen

what happened?

A bottom up festival PARK inspired by Gezi Park Istanbul  was in MEDIAMATIC / Nov-Dec 2013

role of 56SPACES

The photo exhibition and documentary installation of Emin Özmen (the selection of content, planning, communication and exhibition area design) is done and coordinated by 56SPACES in PARK .