Ideal Learning

graphical design&photography

IDEAL is a collective of educational innovators who practice and share ways to inspire and engage their students and communities.

This is an international group of education professionals, hosts and trainers, living and working mainly in the Netherlands. The team consists of representatives of several educational organisations and they co-create the programs with The Learning Lab, DOCK20 and Hosted Beings, amongst others.

group photo


Some photos from the last event: SPRING 2014

Your Ideal Classroom creates a collective learning environment in which experiences how excellent education could look like, and what you need in order to realize in your daily practice.


Some graphical work

IDEAL Learning

The Seasons

the seasons

OVERVIEW of IDEAL LEARNING spring 2014 by Astrid van der Velde |

You can follow the Facebook group of IDEAL LEARNING or check the link for the photos.

what happened?

Annual event of collaborative learning for innovative education in Eigen Wijze.

role of 56SPACES

All sorts of graphical design of the IDEAL LEARNING such as logo, posters, invitation, workbook cover, certificate  and the photography is done by 56SPACES .