• The Light Bridge



    The intention of the Light Bridge is to inspire people to make new connections and feel the beauty of being together.

    The design consists of very light fiber optic cables which are carried by demountable steel poles on Melkmeisjesbrug. The sensors (S5-6, S7-8) located at the both ends of the bridge will activate 5 fibers for the first person which are not static but continuously moving/flowing around the bridge. The number of fiber in light will increase or decrease with the number of people on the bridge.

    The cables will be applied also underneath of the bridge to involve people in the boats and to create reflection on the water. A passing boat between S1-2 and S3-4 sensors will change the color of the light till it is deactivated by being outside of the sensor line.

    light bridge3


    It needs at least one person on the bridge to start the outstanding movement of light around the bridge which makes visitors stay longer on the bridge and recognize the change of intensity with the number of people on the bridge. With the arrival of a canal boat, the colorless light would change color and empowers the idea of coming together even more.

    The light flow in the design, change of color with each passing boat and reflection of the bridge on the water would make people change their path and experience being surrounded by the installation.

    light bridge technical

    -The installation is proposed to represent Turkey where is a bridge country between east and west, Asia and Europe.

    -Making bridges is crucial to exchange ideas, and to know different perspectives. You have to be friends to bring two sides together.

    -This installation expresses the beauty/power of coming together to change our environment and make new connections.


    SIDE EMITTING FIBER OPTIC CABLES: Main principle of the fiber optic cable is carrying the light by a long lens. It is a passive system and fibers doesn’t carry any electric which makes the design safe for outdoor use. With roped or braided multicore fiber and a special process at the common end optics, the light can be chased in both directions.(Light Source:3Watt fiber optic LED projector-RGB colors)

    INFRARED SENSOR&EYE: Two sensors 10cm apart from each other will receive the direction of the visitors. If there is a movement through the bridge then an activity will start and keep going on till it is deactivated with the opposite movement (min 8 sensors are needed).


  • The Urban Wormhole Project

    urban wormholes-1IABR_Page_1 urban wormholes-1IABR_Page_2 urban wormholes-1IABR_Page_3This idea was proposed for 5th IABR but didn’t proceed. You can see a smiler concept applied two years later by a commercial  company and it has been successful with its impact on public interaction.
    EUROPE: It is just next door



  • Divan Hotel*****

    Project Management- Adana Divan Hotel

    Adana Divan Hotel is a five star hotel designed by Istanbul based Omerler Architects. The construction has started in 2011, in a partnership of  TSKB REIT and Bilici Investment. The hotel is built on a land of approx. 3,600 sqm and it will be managed by Divan Group, which is an important brand in Turkey’s hospitality sector. The construction is consulted by Istanbul office of Grontmij which is one of the best known consultant companies on construction and engineering.  I have worked in the project management department of Grontmij as a senior architect and took the responsibility of specifications of the tender documents and calculation of quantities for preparing tender documents with my team.

    adanaweb3          adanaweb0

     About the hotel

    Location: Downtown Adana (Seyhan District) TURKEY
    Total Land Area: 3,608 sqm
    Enclosed Space According to the Planned Project: 26,639 sqm
    Appraisal Value: TL 28,775,000

    Adana Divan Hotel with its 180 rooms capacity and the central location, 2.5 km far from the airport and 5.5 km from the bus terminal, is projected to be a “comfortable city hotel”.

    The hotel aims to be an important city meet-up point with its facilities for Adana city and citizens, where future developments will be driven by investments in the energy and petrochemicals sectors and new business opportunities will be realized in all Region.


    1000 PHOTOS of AMSTERDAM is an event that brings out the craetivity out of people who forgets that we all can be part of art not only as an audience but also being the makers

    It is the beauty of this event to bring together professionals and amateurs together  for a greater good. We exhibit the donated photos from all over the world and sold more then 1000 photos. Professional and amateur photographers create a growing exhibition in support of Young in Prison. The creative director of the concept was Kim van Poelgeest. To learn more you can check: 1000PHOTOS.





    what happened?

    Professional and amateur photographers create a growing exhibition in support of Young in Prison in Melkweg Gallery between 16 May-16 June 2013.

    role of 56SPACES

    56SPACES took part to make the exhibition space ready to exhibit.

  • Agence LeJournal-Photo Exhibition

    Exhibition of Agence le Journal was one of the works in A Day in Park-Mediamatic.

    Established in 2012 by Emin Özmen, Agence LeJournal is a network of photojournalists that bears the responsibility to document and storify the tragedies and victories of humanity by witnessing the occasions in the front lines. In the exhibition the photos of Agence LeJournal Özmen’s Gezi pictures were exhibited.  Özmen’s first documentary film “Witnessing Gezi’ which got the multimedia prize from World Press Photo  was shown first time in Europe. For more information: Premiere of Witnessing Gezi




    Documentary Premier

    Emin Özmen

    Layout Plan of the exhibition

    exhibition layout plan

    witnessing gezi

    The poster of the Witnessing Gezi by Emin Ozmen

    what happened?

    A bottom up festival PARK inspired by Gezi Park Istanbul  was in MEDIAMATIC / Nov-Dec 2013

    role of 56SPACES

    The photo exhibition and documentary installation of Emin Özmen (the selection of content, planning, communication and exhibition area design) is done and coordinated by 56SPACES in PARK .

  • The Keizersgracht boat project

    Living boat on the Keizersgracht

    An historic saloon/passenger boat is designed to be a living boat for the city center.

    Design Elements

    A collaboration between the shipyard which is going to constuct the project and needs and expectations of the user/investor was the major factors. Natural materials were considered in the design to make the space more healthy, vital and sustainable.





    The Keizersgracht Boat Project is a classical salon boat designed to be in the center of Amsterdam.


    the architectural design and prelimineary technical drawings are done  by 56SPACES.